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When the Bough Breaks explores those moments when the ground shifts under us and our world changes. In short fiction, poems, and essays, seven writers come to terms with events as sudden and wrenching as a betrayal or a cancer diagnosis, and as hidden as the upheavals of moving from professional life to mothering or the changes faced by women as they age. These writers examine a timeline of life choices, with insight gleaned from the passage of first childbirth, through the vicissitudes of marriage, and the ever-changing landscapes of freedom and duty, sexuality and aging, illness and faith. The wise and poignant writing suggests that the rich, complex, and challenging life of a woman is worth every step of the journey.


An Anthology by Members of KaBooM Writing Collective

Mary H. Alexander

Susan Christerson Brown

Jan Isenhour

Leatha Kendrick

Gail M. Koehler

Lynn Pruett

Pam Sexton

Each piece is followed by a brief meditation on its creation, as well as a suggestion for writing. The book’s preface traces the history of KaBooM and speaks to how the group remains effective in inspiring new work as well as providing valuable feedback on work in progress.  All seven authors in the group are publishing writers who attribute significant leaps forward in their writing to their participation in KaBooM.

This literary anthology can serve not only as a companion in times of transition, but as a casebook for a creative writing, contemporary literature, or women’s studies class. It is also designed to offer inspiration and ideas for individual writers. In its model of what is possible for a writing group, as well as through its suggestions for using these works as a springboard for further writing, the anthology offers encouragement and guidance to other writers.

From its conception to its hand-sewn binding, When the Bough Breaks is the collaborative effort of women who resolve to be, in the midst of complex lives, artists of excellence.

To order a copy, contact a member of KaBooM.

KaBooM Writing Collective is grateful for the support of the Kentucky Foundation for Women and for funding provided by LexArts for this anthology through its Fund for the Arts.

The Kentucky Foundation for Women
LexArts Fund for the Arts